Executive ProducersJohn Forde & Catherine Day
Assistant Producer Greg Fugina
Director Dave Carlson
Lighting Director and
Jibcam operator
Colin Walters
Editor Majid Jidez
Production facilitySt Paul Neighborhood Network
Production designJohn Forde
Set Construction John Forde, Greg Fugina & Nygaard Dimensions
MakeupTasha Duffy
Inro VideoThe Juntunen Group
Theme Music Aron Stokes Music
Closed Captioning by CaptionMaxx
Special Thanks to Louis Lee, Acme Comedy Company

Advisory Committee to Very Public Television

Alvin Pearlmutter Independent Feature Productions
Larry Kirkman Dean, School of Communications, American University
Craig Rice Chair MN Film & TV board
John StoutEntertainment Attorney Fredrickson and Byron
Howard LisztRetired chairman of Campbell Mithun
John Rash SVP Campbell Mithun
Sharon Binger Reverend
Bob Malos Computer Scientist
Colleen Needles Tremendous Entertainment

Academic Advisors Providing Show Content

Prof. Martin Heesacker Chair, Dept. of Psychology, University of Florida
Prof. Frank Kardes Prof. of Marketing University of Cincinnati
Prof. Robert Kurzban Prof of Social Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Robert Bartsch Prof of Social Psychology, University of Houston
Prof. Arlene Stillwell Prof of Social Psychology, SUNY Potsdam
Prof. Marianne Miserandino Prof of Social Psychology, Arcadia University
Prof. Chris Hansvick Prof of Social Psychology, Pacific Lutheran University
Prof. Brad Sagarin Prof of Social Psychology, University of Northern Illinois