Viewer Mail

I love Mental Engineering and I can't wait to see another episode on public TV! You have the best, fastest half hour of TV every week!
Adam McFarlane

Finally, T.V at a pace and intellectual level that mirrors the conversations of real life!
Rhoda Hubbard-Anderson

Yes! This is a show worth-watching! To see five panelists intellectually discuss these advertisments in a socially light environment brings solace to my ranting soul. Congratulations on your brilliance!
Joe Tamayo

Mental Engineering is a dream television show for me, keep it up.
Le Chau

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy watching your broadcast and ‘playing along at home’ with the always- intellectual panelists. Thank you for being an intellectual oasis in an otherwise wasteland of sugar coated corporate controlled drivel.
JD Karp

I just wanted to let John Forde and everyone involved know how much I love this program. I discovered Mental Engineering by accident just a few weeks ago while flipping through channels, and I was instantly hooked. I've programmed our DVR to record each new episode, and it's one of the few programs that I really look forward to every week.
Anthony Scott Colman

I flat-out love your show and it is easily the best 30 minutes on television.
Tom Scearse

"I have had the supreme satisfaction of having watched your show. Words really do fail me in expressing my satisfaction that your show exists."
Mary Lou McGrath

"You mustn't stop until every last American has seen at least one episode!!! I am grateful and indeed the better person for each episode! Brilliant!"
David Esposito

"almost too good to be true."
Brooke Hanson

"the best show on television"
Stuart Goldbarg

"Congratulations on what is truly brave programming. You have an instant fan."
Cecily Gardner

"I recently saw your show and was amazed."
David Siddiqui

"It is clear that your show deserves to go places."
Dan Weiss

"WOW!!....I've been waiting for years for a program like this to come along."
Max Duckler

"I would love to be part of the cult following you're building."
Kimberly Stern

"I was randomly flicking through channels this morning and found your show. I am hooked like a walleye!*!... ...It's like having the Algonquin Round Table in my living room."
David Wallace

"I like to watch the show. At first when I didn't understand what "Mental Engineering" meant I thought it was fascinating that a bunch of intellectuals would be having a discussion about commercials - the things that seem most unintellectual to me - akin to cartoons. Now that I understand what the show is about I find it most interesting. I really like to listen to you dissect them. I especially agree with your point about values."
Gem Cormic

"Wow. Great edutainment tv. We really love ME" (Mental Engineering).
Laine Murphy

"My mother has been badgering me for months to try and catch your show. Like all obedient children I didn't bother until I stumbled upon you recently while channel surfing. What an excellent program!!! Finally a show that engages my M.S. as well as my funny bone... ... Thank you for something worthwhile to watch on T.V. "

"I've already started "coaching" my 8 year old... ...this program will help me refine my skill! And also make me laugh!"
Don Ingalls

"I stumbled onto and thoroughly enjoyed your show this evening; I'm going to start taping it for my 10-year old daughter to help her developing media literacy. Thank you for providing an important service."
Robert Saffer

"Please let me know how I could find ways to involve myself, my students and my colleagues."
Mark Hendrix

"too cool for words!"
Emily Schroeder-Orvik

Finally, T.V at a pace and intellectual level that mirrors the conversations of real life!
Rhoda Hubbard-Anderson

"This is an experiment I never dreamed I would live to watch, and may I commend you. You are onto something magnificent"
David Wiley