"brilliant...If ever a show screamed non commercial television, it's this one... ...'Mental Engineering' could not be more relevant"
The New York Times

"’Mental Engineering’ is the most interesting weekly half hour of social commentary and criticism on television"
Bill Moyers

"In a world in which just about everything is bought and paid for, 'Mental Engineering' is priceless."
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"There is nothing else like it on the air."
ABC World News Tonight

"affably intelligent...tune in."
USA Today

"(host John Forde is) Jim Carrey with a Master’s degree!."
Associated Press

"a tank of pure oxygen!"
Saint Paul Pioneer Press

"keenly insightful"

Swing Magazine

"you won't find people more adept at cutting to the heart of what a commercial message is really saying...about us and the emotions that make us spend money."
Kansas City Star

"teaches us how to not be patsies"
Christian Science Monitor

Chicago Tribune

"fast pace and biting commentary"
Current (the trade journal of public broadcasting)

"Fun and lively"
The American Prospect

"the only weekly panel discussion show with the guts to take on the sacred cows of television TV commercials."

"You can't come up with a concept better suited to non-commercial TV......It dares to violate one of TV's last taboos: the sanctity of commercials. The show's creator and moderator, John Forde, doesn't simply rate a TV spot's entertainment value. With the help of four funny, provocative panelists, he pries out the moral and societal values clenched within ads."
Electronic Media