Mental Engineering Show Description

Mental Engineering is a weekly roundtable discussion about TV commercials and our commercial culture. It airs exclusively on public television.

Each week host John Forde is joined by four smart fun panelists. The conversation usually begins with the way the commercial uses the mechanisms of social psychology, then wanders through history, technology, sex roles, spirituality and humor.

Mental Engineering is alternately funny and meaningful. The show is neither pro-consumer nor anti-consumption. Our goal is to get the veiwer to transcend consumerism and think of themselves as citizens and even spiritual beings.

As the only media literacy series to reach a national audience, Mental Engineering teaches using the most vivid and pervasive examples of our modern culture, TV commercials. By modeling the art of asking good questions, the show gives viewer's the tools to own themselves.

You don't have to take our word on it. Read the Wikipedia entry on Mental Engineering

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