'Mental Engineering' is the only nationally broadcast television series that is absolutely aligned with the viewer. The LOVE they feel for this show is the same LOVE they will feel for our sponsor.

  1. 1) 'Mental Engineering' creates over 100,000 high quality impressions each week.

  2. 2)Audience engagement is extremely high. Viewers imagine themselves on our panel.

  3. 3) Our audience compostion:
    Avg Houshold income $70,000+
    Professions: education, marketing, Information technology
    49% female / 51% male
    48% have some graduate school
    70% are under age 39

    (source, Arnan.com)

  4. 4) Pricing: You can place two of your 15 second television spots on each of our nationally broadcast episodes at a rate equivalent to commercial television. (agency fee protected)

For sample episodes, a rate sheet, and/or an interview with the 'Mental Engineering' host, John Forde, email us.