Video Samples

Sam Simon Photo Commercial -
Featured panelist - Sam Simon
co-creator: THE SIMPSONS
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Sunshine Hillygus Photo Commercial - Applebee's
Featured panelist - Sunshine Hillygus
Professor of Government: Harvard University
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Greg Proops Photo Commercial - Channel #5
Featured panelist - Greg Proops
Comedian: Who's Line is it Anyway?
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Margaret Werry Photo Commercial - DirecTV
Featured panelist - Margaret Werry
Historian: University of Minnesota
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Al Franken Photo Commercial - Emerald Nuts
Featured panelist - Al Franken
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Leola Johnson Photo Commercial -
Featured panelist - Leola Johnson
Professor of Humanities: Macalester College
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Chris Bliss Photo Commercial - Starbucks
Featured panelist - Chris Bliss
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Kim O'Farrell Photo Commercial - Harley Davidson
Featured panelist - Kim O'Farrell
Professor of Social Psychology, Mankato State University
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