Mental Engineering's mission of producing the most public show on television is made possible mostly thru small financial contributions from people like you - people who recognize the overwhelming power of television on Americans society and the incredible educational opportunity it presents.

Mental Engineering has never received any public money. We are independently produced and distributed public television. We give the show away to PBS stations at no charge.

Your support of 'Mental Engineering' is tax deductible thru our 501c3 fiscal agent, St Paul Neighborhood Network. You will promptly receive a tax receipt and thank you.

For people who are considering larger gifts and are interested in receiving on screen credit during the shows underwriting credits - click here.

      Read Bill Moyers' letter of support

$25 operates a camera for an episode.

$50 edits an episode

$100 closed captions an episode for the hearing impaired.

$200 Distributes an episode nationally via satellite

$500 Covers all the costs of a nationally broadcast episode.

$1000 Puts your name in the broadcast credits on each of 13 episodes.

$5000 Covers all of our out of pocket costs for 13 episodes (a quarter year)

$25,000 will sustain us for a full year (52 episodes)

$50,000 will allow us to join the PBS Network - doubling the number of stations that carry us each week.